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GPTBLOX - Save ChatGPT Conversation&Hunt GPTsVersion 1.6.0

Explore GPT Store Released GPTs&Save ChatGPT/Bard/Claude/HuggingChat conversations and website articles and organize them in groups.

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🌟 GPTBLOX – AI Conversation Manager & GPTs Explorer 🌟
Explore the vibrant landscape of GPT Store GPTs and effortlessly manage your AI interactions with GPTBLOX, the versatile Chrome extension that does more than just save conversations.

🚀 Your AI Exploration, Amplified 🚀
Imagine having access to an extraordinary database of over 8,000+ GPTs, meticulously categorized by ChatGPT into 32 distinct categories. GPTBLOX does just that, opening a window to the diverse universe of GPT Store APPs and their myriad uses.

🌌 A Data-Driven GPT Store 🌌
What sets GPTBLOX apart is the potential for discovering untapped opportunities through our categorized GPTs. This isn’t merely a numbers game; it’s about understanding the underlying trends, demands, and gaps in the AI market. Whether it’s exploring highly populated categories like ‘Education’ and ‘Data Analysis’, or diving into niche segments with fewer GPTs, GPTBLOX offers insights into both saturated and emerging markets.

🔥 Harness the Power of AI Categorization 🔥

  • Insightful Categorization: Delve into 32 categories of GPTs, offering a panoramic view of the AI landscape.
  • Opportunity Spotting: Use the distribution and quantity of GPTs across categories to identify market saturation, growth areas, and untapped niches.
  • Trend Analysis: Understand where the AI world is headed by observing the diversity and distribution of GPT APPs.

Save ChatGPT Conversation

🌐 Your AI Interaction, Enhanced 🌐

  • AI Conversation Archival: Effortlessly save your ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and HuggingChat interactions in multiple formats like HTML, TXT, PDF, and PNG. Never lose an important conversation again.
  • Web Content Organization: Seamlessly save and manage website articles, making your web research more organized and accessible.
  • Group and Manage with Ease: Sort your AI conversations and web content into custom groups for easy navigation and reference.

💾 Advanced Backup and Restore Capabilities 💾

  • Data Safety and Portability: With GPTBLOX, you can securely back up your data and restore it whenever needed, ensuring your information is always safe.
  • Customizable Display Options: Tailor your GPTBLOX page display to your liking, choosing from various layouts and column views.

Equip yourself with GPTBLOX today and transform the way you interact with, manage, and understand the world of AI and web content. Install now and embark on a journey of efficient management and insightful discovery in the AI realm. 🌟🚀🌐

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