Chrome Extensions

Save ChatGPT Conversation
Explore GPT Store Released GPTs&Save ChatGPT/Bard/Claude/HuggingChat conversations and website articles and organize them in groups.
Word to PDF
Convert your .docx documents to PDF quickly and easily within your browser.
Special Characters
Easily copy special characters to your clipboard with this Chrome extension.
Image to PDF
Effortlessly convert PNG, JPG, and BMP images & Photos to PDF right from your browser.
Mortgage Payment
An intuitive mortgage loan calculator to determine monthly payments and visualize cost breakdowns.
PDF to Image
Convert PDF files to various image formats with ease. Features quality control, single-page and multi-page conversions.
Airplane Battle
A simple yet thrilling plane shooting game to test your reflexes.
Unicode Converter
A versatile tool for converting between Unicode-strings, ASCII-characters and ASCII-strings.
Image Splitter
Allows you to easily divide images generated by Midjourney, as well as split photo lists arranged in rows and columns.
Image Converter
Convert images between multiple formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and Icon effortlessly.
Timezone Converter
Manage multiple time zones effortlessly with Timezone Converter.
Childhood Game
Play the classic childhood game directly from your Google Chrome.
URL Encode & Decode
Easily encode and decode URLs directly from your browser.
Snake Game
Play the classic Snake game directly from your google chrome toolbar!
A robust scientific calculator extension for Chrome. Perform basic to advanced mathematical operations directly from your browser.
JSON & XML Converter
JSON & XML Converter allows you to easily and quickly convert between JSON and XML formats right from your browser.
Mahjong Connect
A classic tile-matching puzzle game, connecting identical tiles to clear the board!
Number Converter
Number Base Converter allows you to convert numbers between different bases like binary,octal,decimal and hexadecimal effortlessly.
Sticky Note
Transform your Chrome browser into an interactive board for your daily tasks and memos.
BMI Calculator
Quickly calculate your BMI and Body Fat Percentage with health advice and detailed info.