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Unicode Converter / ASCII ConverterVersion 1.0

A versatile tool for converting between Unicode-strings, ASCII-characters and ASCII-strings.

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This extension is a robust, user-friendly tool designed for a variety of text encoding and decoding tasks. It supports three primary conversion types:

  • Unicode-String Converter: Convert any string into its Unicode representation and vice versa. This is particularly useful for developers working with internationalization and localization.
  • ASCII-Char Converter: Convert individual ASCII codes to their corresponding characters and the other way around. This is beneficial for understanding the ASCII values of specific symbols or characters.
  • ASCII-String Converter: Transform an entire string into its ASCII code equivalent and back. This feature is essential for data serialization and other encoding-related tasks.

The extension’s interface is designed for ease of use, featuring input fields, buttons, and output areas that are intuitively organized. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a student, or someone who just needs to convert text for whatever reason, this tool provides a quick, reliable way to perform these conversions.

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